How to obtain your criminal history

Your Legal Toolbox: How to Obtain Your Criminal History For Michigan criminal records: Michigan has a tool called the Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT) that allows you to obtain a copy of your criminal history. Link: There is a $10 fee, and upon submitting the fee, you will have access to your records for seven days. Your record is not [...]


How do I clear an arrest warrant?

How do I clear an arrest warrant? There are many reasons why you might have a warrant out for your arrest. Sometimes, you do not find out about it until you have been pulled over for a routine traffic stop! It is extremely stressful because stakes are high – the ultimate factor of stake being your freedom. One of the most common [...]


Is it worth going to court and getting a traffic lawyer for a ticket?

Should you pay for your traffic ticket or go to court? What about speeding tickets, they’re not that serious, right? The answer is that you have to think of the overall cost to you. A traffic stop that results in a ticket costs you more than just the fine on the ticket. It costs you time away from your job when you [...]

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